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Welcome to the full life - a life full of food, fun, friends, and free of diet culture. This newsletter will serve a couple purposes... to show you the possibilities of a life without dieting, body shame, fatphobia, or exercise shame... and also to show you the possibilities of a life with food freedom, joyful movement, and body acceptance. We'll bust some diet myths, I'll share some tips and tricks about food & movement, but most of all this is a space to celebrate the possibilities and fullness of life. I have a few ideas for what to do here, and I appreciate you joining me on the journey of creating it.

Who writes The Full Life? My name is Gretchen Wallace - I am a registered dietitian, a Master of Science (specifically mastered Medical Dietetics), and a certified/licensed dietitian in Saint Louis, MO (owner of Full Life Nutrition Counseling - I see 1:1 clients in MO, WA, or OR ). I see my clients to focus on eating disorder recovery or just to work on building a healthy relationship with food, body and exercise.

I have dogs named Rita & Barry, have a lovely husband, and my favorite things to do are eat new foods in new places and explore the outdoors. I love travel, food, getting people to ditch diet culture, and a perfect night out is spent dancing with my best friends. Subscribe if any of that interests you and you are ready to start living life more fully!

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Ditch diet culture. Find food freedom. Move for fun. And trust your body. By Gretchen Wallace MS, RD


Gretchen Wallace MS, RD, CD

Registered Dietitian, HAES (R), Anti-Diet, Fat Positive, Human. I own Full Life Nutrition Counseling where I see 1:1 clients mostly for eating disorder recovery.If you wanna work together you can find me at www.full-lifenutrition.com.